BITE Beauty

Clean, not clinical

Bold, Bright & Playful

Following the success of reimagining OLE HENRIKSEN at Kendo Brands, I started to take on a second brand, BITE Beauty. The unique problem that BITE boasted was how to represent a clean beauty brand with high performance products. People often associate clean beauty with weak performance. We started by taking apart social media and add more story, life and color. Then we followed by strong visual and messaging that is fun and engaging.

This lip crayon is the first of its kind. The shimmer that is in this product is food grade, and clean. Visuals show product swatches in desserts form to communicate that messaging.

Social Videos

I led the team in establishing #OddlySatisfying video for BITE. I concepted and conceived the style and visual I.D. for us to own this look & feel. The reception has been overwhelming positive. People love to see this type of content and recognize the brand through various videos.

Viral Bets

Following the #OddlySatisfying videos, we launched the series of Hot Guys Making Lipstick. We take the idea that the lipsticks are handmade in our lab to a new height.

Organic Social Content

I led the team in revamping the look & feel on BITE social media to make sure that people associate us with being bright & bold while communicating through visual queues that we are also a clean beauty brand.

The Outcome

Breathe new life into a stagnant 20+ years brand.


Instagram followers increased


Creative Direction: Warissara Muangsaen
Design: Jamie Man
Copy Writing: Kayla Dalsfoist

Beauty Photography: Stan Musilek
Still-life Photography: Hudson Cuneo
Social Content Photography: Khalil Robinson

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